Top 3 Prospecting Tools Small to Mid-Size Housebuilders Should Use 

Are these top-tier prospecting tools in your kit?

Thanks to the fragility in the economy and fluctuations in the market, finding the buyers of today can be tough stuff. Retaining as much profit and income as possible is at the forefront of every housing developer’s mind, meaning that sales and marketing teams could lose the tech they rely on.  

In reality, those who adopt and invest in the right prospecting tech are more likely to see success than those who don’t. Housebuilders need to leverage advanced technology to see the value in its efficiency. 

Small and medium housing developers need to be especially careful when taking on new tools as all eyes will be on performance from the get-go. So, what are the top-performing tools of the prospect generation trade? 

Top prospecting tools for SMB housebuilders 

Budget Calculator 

Designed so you can instantly find out a prospect’s affordability, the Budget Calculator is the ultimate tool to capture more high-quality prospects. Working as a lead magnet that can be integrated into your marketing and communications, the Budget Calculator delivers your team motivated home buyers.

Home Valuation

Did you know that around 69% of buyers have a house to sell? Today’s sellers are tomorrow’s buyers. Which is why it pays to capture this audience. By including a house valuation tool on your website, homeowners can easily calculate the value of their home so they – and you – know how much they can afford to spend on a brand-new home with you.

Ad2 Campaigns

Need a helping hand finding the right audience? As a small or medium housing developer, you may not have the time or finances to dedicate to running campaigns or scouring the internet for the ideal buyers. That’s why we run print and digital campaigns that put your brand front and centre for motivated home buyers.

More than just a leading suite of prospecting tools

At Prospect Generator, our tools aren’t just our product: we encompass our incredible customer service and support team who are always on hand to help you maximise the tools. Take a look at the tools that housebuilders love and book a demo today.

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