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Lead generation reporting for housebuilders

Decide which digital channels you should continue investing in with our reporting and insights tools.

Determine which marketing channels are bringing in users who can actually afford to buy your homes
Find out how many of your website users are real movers
Use this marketing intelligence to stop spending on marketing channels that don't work, and be confident to invest in channels that do

Every prospective homebuyer we deliver to your sales team has the budget to purchase your chosen development and includes:

Contact details
New home budget
Number of bedrooms required
Buyer type
Age, Deposit, Salary Details

Take the guesswork of digital marketing budget planning

Only spend on the channels that work

Which marketing channels are delivering leads who can actually buy your homes?

Our reporting tells your which digital marketing channels are bringing in real home buyers and with what level of affordability, so you know which of your campaigns are delivering leads that can actually afford to buy your homes.



how does this work?

Simply add UTM codes to your campaign URLs and we provide your marketing optimisation reporting.

Learn more about your website traffic

How many of my website visitors actually go on to move? 

By matching addresses captured by our lead generation tools with Land Registry records, we can tell you how how many of these people go onto move and how long it took them to move. This powerful information can be used optimise your marketing campaign messages. 

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