AD2 campaigns

Marketing Tools for Home Builders

AD2 Campaigns monitor the activity of buyers who are interested in moving and target them with your plots

Target users of one of the U.K’s largest property price and advice websites, Property Price Advice, where we’ve been gathering insights since 2005.
Only target users who have illustrated a direct intention to move home and re-direct them to your website.
Only pay on a cost-per-click basis.

Gain access to one of the U.K’s largest online home-mover audiences now

Features and benefits


Capture users on the home moving journey

Our AD2 campaigns monitor usage of our tools on the Property Price Advice website and re-target those users with your display ads as they continue their online journey. The highly effective campaigns target home movers who have used the Home Valuation Tool or the Budget Calculator.


Manage budgets with optimal precision

Just let us know what your budget is and we’ll guarantee a number of click-throughs. You’ll only ever pay on a cost-per-click basis, giving you ultimate control over the process.

Feature Guarantee

Access one of the U.K’s largest online home-mover audiences

Property Price Advice is one of the most popular consumer property websites in the U.K and we’ve been attracting home-movers for the best part of 16 years. We attract over 120,000 users every month, providing a huge pool of potential house-hunters to your sales teams.


Trust in our expertise

We’re very experienced in the world of property media, so our team of experts knows how to engage home-movers. We’ll only ever target your primary audience and to match their interest with your product.

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