The Profitable Power of Storytelling in Housebuilding 

Reel in the prospects with storytelling strategies.

Once upon a time, property marketing consisted of bloodless facts about the number of bedrooms, square footage and mileage proximity to the nearest city. Today, savvy housebuilders are putting on their creative caps to write up compelling stories about their plots and using storytelling tactics to sell.  

From cradle to grave, people love a good story, and that doesn’t change when it comes to buying a home. While pictures can help sell the story, a well-written supporting narrative can help them look at your development over all the others out there.  

All too often, property marketing is full of empty words. We can see the home buyers’ eyes glazing over already. If you’re still advertising “stunning homes”, then you may be missing a trick to attract more serious home buyers.  

You don’t have to be a Hemingway to write effective – and trending – property narratives. At Prospect Generator, we like to keep our finger on the property pulse, which is why we’ve rounded up the latest tips to help you sell through storytelling.  


Your development is there to sell new build homes, but are you accentuating all the positives that come with buying a new home to your audience? Your brand is directly solving problems, which can be highlighted through storytelling, rather than listed facts.  

Incorporate the location’s appeal 

Integrate a narrative around the surrounding area, emphasing the benefits of living in a brand new location. Highlight how the property’s location will contribute to its overall appeal, whether it will cut down their commute or is within easy reach of the city or outdoor hotspots.  

Aim for emotion 

Buying a home is an emotional experience, so the sooner your marketing sparks emotion with your audience, the better. Utilise evocative language and vivid descriptions to create a picture of the property or area’s ambiance, the experience it offers and the memories that can be made there. 

Attract with a magnet 

Pointing your audience to your plots is one sure way to gain interested prospects. Another way to capture a large, engaged audience is to use lead magnet tools on your website. From a Budget Calculator to a Home Valuation tool, there are many digital solutions to get more clicks and interested home buyers. (Psst – we can help you with those.) 

Accelerate your lead generation  

Ready to hand off the storytelling to the pros who will captivate a budget-qualified audience? With our lead generating tools and sales boost campaigns driven by creative experts, you’ll be well-placed to receive prospects who are buzzing at the thought of buying – all with a budget in hand.  

At Prospect Generator, we utilitise the latest technology to capture interested buyers earlier in their journey. Find out more about how we can connect you to motivated home buyers. 

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