Are All New Home Buyer Leads Created Equally? 

Dominate lead conversion in the new home sales space.

Are all new homes sales leads created equal? The professionals know that the answer is ‘no’. As it happens, there is a big difference between high-quality buyer leads that are likely to convert and weak leads that are ‘just looking’ and are unlikely to generate any reservations.  

When you’re working on lead generation strategies, it’s important to make sure your investment gives you access to the market’s top-rated, strong prospects.  

Take a peek at the top lead generation tips below.  

Make sure contact details are provided 

When generating online leads, you should leverage a solution that’s able to sort through your web traffic to identify the best potential leads to add to your CRM. One of the ways that Prospect Generator secures strong leads is by requiring all leads to provide a contact number and email address.  

With legitimate contact details in hand, your team are better able to establish a point of contact for the prospect that is active. That way, you don’t waste time sending outreach and follow-up to a dead-end email address. This will help ensure that you’re only paying for high-quality, proceedable leads that you can engage with.  

Own all your leads 

In today’s market, it’s easy to find lead generation lists that are either out of date or have been shared with multiple other developers. This means that the same leads that filter into your CRM or inbox are also being added to the CRMs of other, competing housebuilders in your market.  

When looking for a lead generating solution, always look for one that gives you access to exclusive leads. That means all the leads generated are yours.  

When you use any of Prospect Generator’s tools, all leads are exclusively yours. That means the lead is specifically interested in your development and only you receive their information.  

Strong lead generation attracts strong leads 

Where your leads come from can play a big role in determining their strength, quality and conversion potential. Rather than buying lists or relying on expensive means of social media marketing, try lead generation solutions designed to deliver warm leads. That way, all the leads you receive are all prospects that want to communicate with your brand and are interested – and have the budget to buy – your new homes.  

Need more tips on how to optimise marketing spend? We give you the tips to avoid wastage here. 

Get started  

By making adjustments in your lead generation strategy, you’ll be ready to fill your pipeline with active, warm leads that meet all your requirements for buying. 

To get started on the latest tools that deliver you more leads, contact us today for a free demo. 

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