RIP Your Pipeline: Prospecting Mistakes That Are Killing Your Wins

Don’t bury prospecting before it’s even started.


Prospecting can feel like zombie work. You can easily get ghosted from prospects, run into nightmare budgets or simply face a lack of leads. So this spooky season, we’re looking at prospecting mistakes where you’ll need a séance to get in touch with those lost leads – and how to be the hero and save the day.  

Mistake #1: Not having a lead magnet 

Are you biding your time waiting for prospects to walk through the door? While this is the case for most on-site marketing suites, waiting for digital prospects is another matter. While ads and SEO are great ways to get in front of homebuyers, it’s also wise to have a magnet that draws homebuyers to your website so that there are multiple points of entry. 

Mistake #2: Not knowing your prospect’s affordability 

We all know how it feels talking to someone who is all the right amounts of keen, enthusiastic and motivated about the purchase in front of them. They’re so excited to sign on the dotted line. Until you find out that they can’t afford what you’re selling. While they can come back to you once they can afford it, you’ve spent all that time warming them up to be let down.  

In the age of data, your sales team should instantly know a prospect’s affordability so that they can direct them to the right properties, list them in priority of available developments or, if necessary, allow them to warm up until they’re in a better financial position. Whatever the next step, knowing affordability is a shortcut to making smarter sales decisions.  

With our tools, such as the Budget Calculator, your sales team instantly know important figures about a prospect, including their affordability, salary, deposit, age and more.  

Mistake #3: Not tapping into the homeowner market effectively  

Sixty-nine percent of homebuyers today have a house to sell. That means your audience needs to expand beyond first-time buyers. While you’re likely already targeting homeowners with incentives, such as offering to buy their house, why not meet them earlier in their journey so that when it comes time for them to make a decision and buy, they think of you. 

With tools such as the Home Valuation tool, you’re first in line to see who is thinking of selling and for how much – so your team can be perfectly poised to swoop in with the right incentive.  

Stay savvy this Halloween 

You wouldn’t run after a masked killer, so why are you chasing cold leads? To deliver homebuyers what they value and, in turn, capture the motivated movers, join Prospect Generator today. 

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