How Developers Can Define and Attract High-Value Leads

Hone in on the high-quality leads that translate to reservations.

You know the saying, “Any press is good press”? The same can’t be said for leads. The end goal of lead generation isn’t to attract just any lead. It’s to attract high-quality, proceedable leads for your sales team. That way, they aren’t wasting time with homebuyers who don’t have the budget or are still undecided about buying.  

Great lead generation strategies let you direct all of your efforts and resources to attract your ideal buyers – the ones who will benefit most from interacting with your brand and viewing developments and, ultimately, reserving a plot. If your leads don’t fit this criteria, you could be wasting time and resources meant to be driving reservation and sales rates. 

In this guide we’ll help you to turn things around. What follows is how developers can capture high-quality leads who have all the potential to become a customer.  

Quick takeaways:

  • Attracting high-quality, proceedable leads requires understanding your buyers’ needs and defining your target audiences.  
  • Different buyer audiences prefer different marketing channels. Research your buyers and meet them where they are online.  
  • Qualifying lead magnet tools serves an ongoing pipeline quality control.  

    Focus on buyers needs first 

    It’s not just enough to build houses anymore. Today, housebuilders need to attract the right audience to get buyers to reserve the plots so they can sell quickly and move onto the next development. The key to attracting the right type of buyers with the right budget is to understand that buyer profile, inside and out. Then, you can unlock the right messaging, tools, solutions, channels and engagement strategies to attract high-quality leads.  

    When a user lands on your website, a great way to get them to convert is to promote interactive tools. Proven time after time, home buyers need to:

    • Know their home-buying budget, and
    • Know how much their current home could sell for

    So, why not answer their questions?  

    Our Budget Calculator tool crunches a few numbers to tell users how much they can afford to spend on a new home. 

    Your plots that are within their budget are populated on the same Results page, so they can seamlessly access available plots, helping them move to the next step. They also have the option of contacting you directly.

    Your sales team will receive their details and financial and market position to make follow-up easy and tailored to suit their needs.

    By talking to financially qualified leads that can afford – and are interested in – your plots, your sales team saves precious time and fallout rates drop.

    The Home Valuation tool tells users how much their current home could be worth. The tool takes their property details into account, as well as digital intelligence, to provide an accurate figure within seconds.

    By offering this additional tool, you capture another audience: current homeowners. Homeowners get a free calculation of what their home could be worth, and you get a part-exchange lead to follow up on.   

    Automate lead qualification 

    Lead qualification is a must-do for vetting new leads that enter your pipeline. By having a lead magnet that delivers you a lead with all their qualifying information, you’re better able to take the next steps to contact the most buyer-ready leads. This means that when a lead is delivered into your pipeline, whether that’s into your email inbox or CRM, you can be confident that each lead warrants time and attention from your leads.  

    Do your keyword research 

    Ensure your keywords align with what your ideal customers would search for so that you can attract them when they’re looking for their next home purchase.  

    Need a hand? We have a whole guide on the most popular search terms for the new homes industry. 

    Evaluate analytics 

    These days, one dimensional data, like the demographic ‘who’ or ‘what’ are no longer enough. To uncover relevant insight, housing developers need to integrate insights such as ‘how’ and ‘can’ into the mix. Brands can now scrutinise a lead’s key information before getting in contact, which means sales teams save time, fall-throughs are slashed and sales targets are met ahead of time. 

    The key analytics to gather are: 

    • The buyer’s age 
    • The buyer’s salary 
    • The buyer’s deposit 
    • Their affordability (how much they can afford to spend on a new home) 

      Attract high-value leads 

      With our prospecting solutions, you get to talk to leads that are budget-qualified, so you know they can afford your plots from the first conversation. Save time, optimise your marketing budget and close more deals. 

      Book a demo of our tools to get started. 

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