Q&A with Catherine Roche, Marketing Manager, Martin Grant Homes
We spoke with Catherine Roche of Martin Grant Homes to discuss sales and marketing in the housebuilding industry and how Prospect Generator has helped to support her company’s objectives.



Tell us about yourself and Martin Grant Homes

I’m the marketing manager at Martin Grant Homes and have been here for the last six years. During that time I’ve seen a number of positive developments take  place and we are proud to call ourselves an award-winning company for the first time. We’ve received the NHBC’s Pride in the Job twice now, have been shortlisted for this year’s First Time Buyer awards  and we’re within touching distance of having a 5 star customer service rating with the HBF!

We’ve also just celebrated our 40 th birthday and at all times in the company’s operations, we have been a family-run business. We build beautiful, high spec homes across the South East, from consortium sites to smaller, bespoke developments, and we cater for a range of buyers.

We’ve put significant time and resource behind digital and proptech solutions in the last few years, where we’ve  enthusiastically embraced the benefits offered to our sales and marketing toolkit.
Hence our relationship with Prospect Generator!


How did you get into housebuilding?

I worked in a variety of marketing roles in media during my career and secured my Chartered Institute of Marketing qualification. Martin Grant Homes has been my first stint in housebuilding.

I’ve grown to love the industry, especially in terms of building new communities and providing life changing opportunities to customers. I like that on all of our developments our S106 contributions help to create new community spaces for everyone, such as sports pitches, woodland walkways or doctor’s surgeries.


What are the biggest challenges and opportunities facing sales and marketing teams at the moment?

Covid 19 has naturally been a real challenge for the housebuilding industry, not just sales and marketing teams. The fall out of the pandemic will be a greater challenge for it to overcome as economic factors will impact things like mortgages, lending criteria and house prices. Nevertheless, initiatives such as the Help to Buy scheme and the Stamp Duty holiday are very welcome at this time.

It’s crucial that sales and marketing teams work hard to keep their customers engaged and informed. The bulk of which needs to take place online. Social media is a great platform to showcase an increased demand in video content, such as interactive 3D tours, drone video flyovers, CGI fly-throughs and so on.

It’s also really important that websites and social media platforms are engaging, immersive and helpful to customers in a way that is attractive to them. Prospect Generator has been very helpful for us in this sense as their tools have given customers a reason to engage with the website and access important information that is unique to them, which in turn provides us with high quality leads.


How do you see proptech developing and influencing the sales and marketing function going forward? What are the benefits of using more proptech?

Generally speaking, digital marketing and proptech more broadly have become the central pillars of a strong sales and marketing offering.

The likes of 3D house tours, corporate video announcements, interactive sales centre screens and lead-generating services are at the forefront of our strategy. The reality is that it reflects a shift in consumer behaviour as it’s very much what customers expect nowadays, and housebuilders who don’t provide this risk paying the price.

Proptech wasn’t just a phase through Covid – it is here to stay and is what I consider to be part of the ‘new normal’. House-hunters are conducting their search through digital mediums more than ever before and it puts the emphasis on housebuilders to utilise technology that converts those web visitors into visitors to our sites, then onto customers. Prospect Generator does this in a data driven and cost-effective way. 


How has Prospect Generator supported your objectives?

Essentially, we’re dealing with an already engaged audience. The lead-generation tools mean we are half-way there when we contact them, knowing that they are interested in buying, selling and moving. Any marketing team will tell you there’s nothing worse than plugging away at badly qualified leads,  but Prospect Generator provides good quality leads on customers that are often proceedable and are pleased to hear from you!

We’re already seeing very positive results and earlier this year we secured a sale off the back off a Prospect Generator lead. We look forward to continuing our work with them

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