How Bewley Homes maximised three prospect-generating tools for the ultimate success

Customising tools for their efficiency, Bewley Homes have captured the ultimate prospect generation formula that they’ve enjoyed for six years – and counting.

years and counting using our tools

homeowners have valued their property

for maximum visibility

home-buyers calculated their budget


With three tools on their website, we aimed to: 

• Increase interested buyers onto their site to calculate their buying budget

• Identify and contact suitable homeowners who have a house to sell

• Provide value-add lead magnets that deliver verified contact details


Bewley Homes first joined us in 2017, when they started with the Home Valuation tool, which captures homeowners looking to sell and then buy. Impressed with the quality and performance of the tool, not even one year later, Bewley Homes added our Budget Calculator to their toolkit, where they saw tremendous success from the get-go. To further improve the prospect quality, we worked with them to verify all telephone and email users before the details were sent to their sales team, so they only received proceedable prospects that could be contacted.

Due to the continued success our tools provide, Bewley Homes were also the first of our partners to feature our bespoke stamp duty calculator. This creates a supportive home-moving environment where home movers never need to click away from their website.

We also sat down with their Marketing Manager to discuss how Bewley enjoys the tools and how they help to generate high-quality prospects. You can check out that full interview here.


Almost 42,000 users

Over 11,000 verified prospects delivered

Used for over 6 years and counting

Verified contact details for each prospect

What Bewley has to say about our tools

The Budget Calculator provides us with all the insights we need and the customer with a realistic package of options, making the process more efficient for all.

It’s all extremely seamless and the leads are stronger, pre-qualified and critically, are qualified at the earliest point possible.

Ultimately, our lead generation function is smoother, quicker and more cost-effective.

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