New homes industry and marketing in the right way

September 17, 2020

The new homes industry: how to ensure we’re marketing in the right way

The government’s continued emphasis on the need for new homes has put the onus on housebuilders to deliver. Getting the houses built is one thing, but selling them to the United Kingdom’s budding househunters is another. Prospect Generator is all too aware of the challenges and opportunities faced by the new homes industry, and in this piece we will explore what can be done on the sales and marketing front.

Mixed conditions

Early August saw the government propose sweeping changes to the planning system which, to many in the new homes industry, has played an instrumental role in the supply-demand imbalance engulfing the U.K.’s housing market. At Prospect Generator, we believe the government has continued to recognise that the new homes industry needs support – from both a policy and funding perspective – if it is to realise its 300,000 new homes target. The extension of the Help to Buy scheme until 2023 serves as further evidence of that and it will be music to the ears of the housebuilding community.

On the other hand, the industry finds itself in unchartered waters. The Coronavirus outbreak has put the housing market under intense pressure as house-hunters and house-movers put the brakes on in the face of volatile economic conditions. Housebuilders are being forced into operational decisions which will typically result in a reduced marketing spend, so the requirement to make marketing budgets go even further is more pressing than ever before.

Housebuilders can feel calm in the knowledge that Prospect Generator has been designed to do just that. Ultimately, we’re here to maximise the efficiency of your marketing spend and strip out the costs that you’re spending on futile leads.

The key components

So, what are the key elements of a successful marketing campaign?

Sales and marketing teams across the new homes industry will know that there are any number of factors determining success. Those indicators of success vary significantly amongst housebuilders depending on their objectives, but ultimately it’s all in the ROI. It’s about making your money go further. We’ve decided to focus on what we believe to be the fundamentals and touched upon how we can offer support on those fronts.

  • Keeping it digital
  • Gathering Insight
  • Embracing proptech
  • Keeping it digital

We’ve spoken before about the traditional vs. digital marketing debate and came to the conclusion that although the former is not yet dead, digital marketing must be embraced with open arms. Digital marketing offers a vast array of benefits, especially when it comes to reach, targeting, insight and cost efficiencies. That won’t exactly be news for sales and marketing teams but it’s when it comes to implementation that it gets a little tricky.

Digital marketing methods are more budget friendly if they are managed correctly. But If they’re not, they can be costly. Pay Per Click (PPC) can lead to eye-watering costs if a strategy is not well- designed or executed. We can do that for you. In fact, we go one further and provide a pay per-lead structure, which means you will only pay when you receive a unique opted-in lead.

We manage the campaigns for you, meaning we do all the heavy lifting. Our Sales Lead boost campaigns simply require you to let us know what kind of buyer you’re after and we’ll do the rest through a variety of media platforms.

Gathering Insight

Insight, insight, insight. The digital landscape is flooded with hundreds of commercially beneficial data points which allow you to build carefully designed profiles of your target audiences, or tribes as they are otherwise known. What kind of home are they looking for? How much do they have to spend? What’s the current living situation? These are just a couple of prerequisites which can be gathered at an incredibly fast speed and crucially, in a cost effective way.

Our budget calculator and home valuation tool do that hard work for you and mean you won’t need to spend your time on the phones. It gathers important information around your web visitors, before optimising it and plugging it directly into your CRM system. It’s as easy as that.

Embracing proptech

Technology in property, or proptech for short, is the future. The housebuilding industry has, generally speaking, not been the quickest when it comes to embracing it. Sales and marketing teams represent a divergence in this sense however, and the Covid 19 pandemic has served as a reminder that many teams across the country are doing a fantastic job in this respect.

A number of high quality proptech tools are being deployed by housebuilders all of the country. Virtual viewings and other proptech tools and techniques are being utilised to build relationships with potential customers and enhance their decision making capabilities. That’s good news for housebuilders and hunters alike because it improves the customer experience and ultimately gives the housebuilder a chance to show off their product. Amongst the numerous other technological benefits we offer to housebuilders, our comprehensive digital package encourages house-hunters to book an appointment or virtual viewing through the click of a button and that action is plugged directly into your CRM system in real time. It’s proving a huge success with some of the industry’s biggest hitters including Bovis and Linden Homes.

A perfect blend

New homes marketing can be complex, labour-intensive and costly. But the advancement of technological solutions – namely when it comes to gathering insight and cost effectively translating that into commercial gain – can make the marketing process a fruitful one. Blend those together and you’ve got a perfect lead generating cocktail. Here at Prospect Generator, we are here to make your lives easier through a range of proptech tools and techniques. We’re here to split the hot leads from the cold, so why not get in touch to discuss our services. Contact us on or e-mail us at [email protected]

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