Why choose Prospect Generator for home buyer leads in 2020?

April 20, 2020

If you have been struggling to secure home buyer leads in 2020, the utilities and tools offered at Prospect Generator will represent invaluable assets.

 One of the challenges which has always been associated with the UK housing market involves the ability for firms to leverage the most current and relevant leads to their advantage.  When we then take into account the simple fact that competition is rife, it becomes clear to see that more is not necessarily better in this case.  Firms instead need to work with bespoke software that provides them with qualified individuals who meet specific buying criteria.  This is the best way to ensure a lucrative pipeline and perhaps more importantly, to focus your efforts in the right direction.  This is also why a growing number of house builders and sellers have taken advantage of the lead generation software offered by Prospect Generator.  Let’s take a closer look.

 A source of qualified home buyer leads

 In this sense, we are referring to obtaining self-qualified leads.  This has always been considered one of the veritable “holy grails” of marketing, as the conversion process can be dramatically enhanced.  Prospect Generator is equipped with algorithms which supply the most pertinent information based around the bespoke requirements of your organisation.  How does this work?

 The reporting insights supplied by Prospect Generator will provide you with a second-to-none understanding of how your current sales and marketing strategies are performing.  Some of the metrics which are analysed include: 

  • Which marketing channels are being used the most by prospective clients.
  • How much individuals can realistically afford to spend on a house.
  • Reports from the Land Registry which highlight those individuals who changed locations in the last as well as the length of time that they required to move.

The insights provided through the factors detailed above can then be used to optimise your ongoing marketing campaign, to appreciate which sales channels have been the most effective and to create targeted approaches that appeal to most to the end user.  However, this is only the beginning.

Our Budget Calculator

According to the latest statistics, the current Housing Price Index indicates that the average UK house costs £230,000 pounds.  This represents an increase of just over 0.9 per cent when compared to previous figures. Thus, it is already apparent that those who are governed by limited finances may find a house purchase challenging. It is just as obvious to appreciate the fact that such leads may not prove fruitful in terms of your ROI.

This is why Prospect Generator is also equipped with a bespoke Budget Calculator.  Visitors will provide basic details such as their available deposit, the number of applicants, whether they are first-time buyers and their email addresses.  To put it simply, such a tool will serve to highlight which candidates are realistically able to afford a house.  As this budget calculator can be embedded directly into your existing website, it has never been easier to obtain qualified leads who have already expressed interest (and capability) for what you have to offer.  Please note that all of these techniques are fully compliant with all GDPR regulations, so privacy issues will not be encountered.

Tailored to the Needs of Your Organisation

House buyers are more discriminating and fickle than every before.  This is why a traditional top-down approach is no longer sufficient.  The team at Prospect Generator appreciates that you require targeted lead generation services based around your current business model.  This is important for several reasons. First, the housing prices within a specific area (such as the Midlands) might not reflect those associated with another (London is a prime example).  Another important point to mention involves the fact that recent data suggests a burgeoning number of transactions (the highest since April 2016).  It is therefore important to you are provided with the insight necessary to target the right buyers.  Perhaps you are hoping to cater to existing homeowners or those who are able to spend more than £300,000 pounds.  If you provide us with the appropriate criteria, we will collate this information in order to supply you with the right leads.  Let’s also not forget that you will only be charged on the subsequent results and that there are no setup fees.

Home Valuations

What is the value of a client’s current property?  This is another important metric to consider, as it will ultimate determine their liquidity after a subsequent sale.  When a visitor provides us with basic information about their house such as its location, its unique features and basic personal details, our proprietary algorithms will obtain the most recent statistical data in order to provide them with a highly accurate valuation.  Once again, you can then use this information in order to learn more about your visitors as well as which ones are the most appropriate to engage with.

The Proof is in the Pudding

We are likewise pleased to be able to back up these claims with a handful of testimonials from previous clients.  Here are three examples:

“Working with Prospect Generator has enabled us to get a clear understanding of our market segment on a site-by-site basis.” – Faye Cooper, Marketing Manager, Bovis Homes

“I saw an uptake in 20% of leads whilst running set lead generation campaigns with them at the start of the year”. – Louise Macrae, Regional Marketing Manager, Bovis Mercia

“We get an excellent volume of quality leads each month at a cost per lead that is excellent.”- Jason Glover, Operations Director, Davidsons Homes

Providing Certainty During Uncertain Times

The utilities and tools provided by Prospect Generator are now more important than ever before due to unprecedented times.  Not only has the United Kingdom just extricated itself from the Brexit debacle, but we are now experiencing a worrisome pandemic.  In fact, several sources have urged individuals to avoid any new purchases until this crises begins to ease.  However, this also signifies that the entire market is likely to experience a boom once we have turned the proverbial corner.  This is why it is prudent to employ the insight offered by Prospect Generator in order to prepare for what will certainly prove to be a highly competitive future.

Would you like to learn more about why so many organisations are utilising these unique utilities or are you hoping to schedule a free demonstration?  Of so, please do not hesitate to contact one of our representatives.  We will be more than happy to discuss your options in detail.

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