Why choose Prospect Generator as your new source of home buyer leads?

August 26, 2020

As a housebuilder, the strategy and execution of your marketing plays an integral role in the success of your business and ultimately how many homes get sold. We can help you generate more pre-qualified homebuyer leads for your sales teams which leads to more homes being sold.

How we help housebuilders

At Prospect Generator, we focus on 4 key areas to help your marketing efforts. Those four keys areas are:

  • Generating you qualified, opted-in sales leads.
  • Reducing your cost per lead
  • Gaining powerful insights into your web traffic
  • Maximising the efficiency of your marketing spend

By focusing on these four areas, we are able to consistently deliver results to housebuilders. Our offering is completely unique due to the software tools that we have built in-house. From our budget calculator to our free online valuation tool, we have built lead generation platforms that you can leverage on your own website and other marketing channels.

We put our tools on your website to leverage your existing traffic, we deliver you a qualified opted-in sales tool and then we tell you where the lead has come from. It is really as easy as that. We work on a cost per lead pricing structure meaning you don’t pay us for set up or management fees. 

Prospect Generator tools will significantly strengthen your marketing strategy.

What we do for our clients

As an established authority in the market, Prospect Generator work with a variety of housebuilders to take their marketing campaigns to new heights. Below, we will detail some of the clients we have worked with and the results we have gained for them.

1.  Strata Homes

Strata Homes is an experienced house builder in the UK that have taken advantage of the Prospect Generator tools. We’ve provided valuable market insight to them along with qualified sales leads. We focused on the affordability and valuation tools for them, which resulted in them generating warm leads they could nurture via their sales team.

2.  Davidsons Homes

We also had the pleasure of helping new home builder Davidsons Homes achieve better results from their marketing campaign. Again, we generated them volumes of quality opted-in sales leads along with detailed buyer profiling. This then helped them to fine-tune their online marketing to the right locations.

3.  Bovis Homes

Prospect Generator has helped new home builder Bovis Homes to get a clear understanding of their market segment, on a site-by-site basis. Our services for them included buyer profiling and sales lead campaigns too. Here’s what they had to say about us “would certainly recommend for anyone in the new homes industry who is looking to gain insight and to develop new routes to market to potential homeowners”.

Why you should work with us

Prospect Generator is a true market leader when it comes to housebuilder lead generation. We’ve worked hard to develop our range of tools that house builders can utilise to maximise their marketing spend. Let’s quickly breakdown our tools and explain why using them is so effective. 

Budget Calculator

With our budget calculator, visitors provide basic details e.g. their available deposit, the number of applicants, whether they are first-time buyers and their email addresses. The tool serves to highlight the candidates that can realistically afford a house. This tool is embedded on your website so you can start leveraging your existing traffic right away.

Free online valuation tool

Our home valuation tool homeowner traffic into opted-in new homes sales leads. Sounds good right? Again, this is placed on your site and can be white labelled to fit your branding. The tool tells your website visitors – and you – how much their current home is worth using our unique algorithm. Get more qualified leads and turn them into sales. 

Sales lead boost campaigns

It doesn’t matter if you need to generate leads nationally or for a specific development, we can use a range of media channels to target your next home buyers through our sales lead boost campaigns. Once you provide us with the details of your ideal home buyer, we can then target them through online channels and turn them into leads. The best thing about our offering is that we don’t charge any setup or management fees and you only pay once we’ve generated the lead. 

If you are interested in new home marketing or want to generate some new home buyer leads, we have the perfect solution for you with our budget calculator. Book a free demo and start generating leads today!


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Our services

Budget Calculator

Our Budget Calculator captures qualified sales leads from your website by helping your users discover how much they can spend on a new home.

Valuation tool

Our Free Online Valuation tool converts homeowner traffic into opted-in new homes sales leads by estimating the value of the user’s current property.

Reporting & Analytics

Use our marketing intelligence to stop spending on marketing channels that don't work and be confident to invest in channels that do.

Sales Lead Boost Campaigns

Our Digital Boost campaigns generate targeted and qualified new homes sales prospects. Whether you need to generate leads nationally or for one development, we’ve got you covered.

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