The importance of using data

Data: It’s not just about owning it Data has stamped its mark on businesses of all shapes and sizes, not least those in the housebuilding industry. Housebuilders, large and small, have become conscious of the value of vast pools of data when it comes to gaining an...

How can housebuilder marketing teams thrive in 2021?

Housebuilders and their sales and marketing teams will remember 2020 as a year of profound change. Our industry was forced to implement new ways of doing business and ultimately, selling homes. The global pandemic has, in many ways, accelerated the inevitable shift...

What does 2021 have in store for housebuilders?

2020 was a year of unprecedented change. Society was forced to grapple with the Covid 19 pandemic whilst it anxiously awaited some clarity on the country’s future trading relationship with the EU. It was on Christmas Eve that the government announced a free trade deal...
10 lead generation strategies for housebuilders

10 lead generation strategies for housebuilders

Lead generation strategies are critical for any business, but techniques used to bring in new prospects vary depending on the industry. Fortunately, marketing has always been a strong point in property, which means there are all kinds of lead generation strategies...

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Six marketing campaign tips for housebuilders

Six marketing campaign tips for housebuilders

Finding new customers can often be harder than building a new home. For many housebuilders, planning an effective, measurable marketing campaign without spending a fortune is hard to come by. Consumer behaviour changes. Online algorithms change. Data protection...

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