Housebuilders: How to generate qualified sales leads from your website

April 13, 2020

We are all aware that the house building industry is extremely competitive. This is when the power of a website will often come into play.

Creating and maintaining a strong digital presence will enable you to tap into a much larger audience and to generate high-quality leads which could convert into homes sales. Still, many of the strategies used to generate home sales leads are outdated and less than efficient. Let us therefore take a look at some of the shortfalls associated with such methods before moving on to explain how our team can help.

Traditional online lead generation methods: What all house builders are doing

The fact of the matter is that more is not necessarily better in terms of obtaining new home buyer leads. Some of the more common strategies which you likely to already be familiar with include a discrete series of steps such as:

  • Filling out fields within an online registration form (such as a postcode and the type of property desired).
  • Requesting a brochure by email.
  • Scheduling a live home viewing.

Studies have found that as many as 95 per cent of the inbound traffic to your website will come and go without taking any further action. In other words, a mere 5 per cent of this total will actually express interest or request furtherdetails so increasing this figure is important.

Try something new, it really does work well…

There is a glaring piece of information which tend to be missing from these methods and that any home buyer will ask themselves and any new homes salesman will be very interested to know:

How much could I spend up to on my new dream home?

So imagine you are a home buyer, one a new homes website and interesting in buying a property on a specific development. The first question you are going to ask yourself is what’s my budget? What’s the most I can spent up to on a new home? This is where the budget calculator comes into play – the user sees the call to action “How much can I spend on a home?” and clicks.

The user starts by simply entering their income and deposit (and details about buying partner if applicable). After that, the home buyer is given the option to opt in to hear from your friendly sales team to talk about their dream home by email phone or post (giving you an oven ready sales lead in real time). This is a hot lead, but a soft engagement – as the user knows they are getting something for nothing, they are more likely to leave their contact details. This is an extremely successful method of lead generation used by national house builders such as Lovell Homes, Gleeson Homes and Bovis Homes to name a few.

The user is next taken to the results page, where they get an accurate figure that shows how much they can spend on a home with and without help to buy. Your sales person will also receive these details in real time through their CRM or by an email notification, ready to email, call or post information about the development the user was looking at before using the tool.

The next step is where our Budget Calculator gets very clever. Your next home buyer is given the mortgage options that they could apply for. These are real mortgage outputs and are completely accurate, if the home buyer is eligible to apply for these mortgages. To find out, the user is given the opportunity to book a telephone appointment with an independent financial advisor of your choice.

What will this cost?

We are so confident our tools will work for you that you will only ever pay on results. Speak to us about how you can generate more home buyer leads by contacting us

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