Housebuilders: Are you attracting the Home Buyers to your website who can afford to buy your homes?

April 13, 2020

What defines a successful marketing strategy from one which falls short of your expectations?  While elements such as the product in question, your level of online exposure and your brand reputation are obviously important, you still need to ascertain who is actually able to afford what you are promoting. 

This is even more important when referring to a large financial commitment such as a house purchase.  In other words, “throwing enough jam onto the wall in the hopes that some will stick” is far from an effective strategy.  You need to be able to know who is in the fiscal position to take action if they resonate with a specific property offer.  However, this is easier said than done with traditional analytical tools.  The good news is that our bespoke Prospect Generator is able to supply you with the insight and clarity needed to engage with the right potential buyers at the right times.  Let’s take a closer look at how this unique utility functions and the benefits that it can provide.

More Than a Simple Reporting Tool

House prices throughout the United Kingdom are slated to increase by as much as 12.6% between now and 2022 (taking into account the current slump).   So, it stands to reason that house builders and agents need to leverage the latest digital tools to their advantage.  Unfortunately, this is often more of a dream than a reality due in no small part to so-called “cookie-cutter” analytics providers.

One of the issues with many out-of-the-box reporting platforms is that their options are rather limited.  This presents a very real issue, as you will not be able to appreciate the big picture in regards to website traffic, online sales channels and social media platforms.  How can you ever expect to make an informed marketing decision if you are only provided with only a shadowy representation of your true buyer base? The answer to this question lies within the clarity offered by our Prospect Generator.

We aim to take the guesswork out of the equation so that you can focus your sales and marketing efforts in the right direction. Not only will we analyse all channels (such as Google, Facebook, Rightmove and Zoopla), but we will highlight which ones are garnering the most positive inbound hits as well as which are responding to a recent campaign).  Therefore, it is much easier to refocus your efforts towards the most productive portals.  Not only will this save time as well as money, but it helps to ensure that you are proactively catering to the needs of your customers. We can also identify how many of the users on your website organically, have the correct purchasing power to buy your new homes.

However, one of the main intentions of our Prospect Generator is to essentially pre-qualify those who may have the financial capability to purchase a house if they are interested.  This is arguably the most important point, as it makes little sense speaking to a potential customer who does not possess the liquidity to take action (even if they absolutely love your firm as well as what it has to offer).  To put it simply, it is much better to work smart as opposed to hard.

Efficient and Actionable Insights

Another metric which sets this Prospect Generator apart from its generic counterparts involves the sheer breadth of information that it provides.  Here are some of the variables which can be contained within a report:

  • Average deposit levels
  • Primary and secondary salaries
  • Homeowners and buyer profiles by region
  • IFA lead splits
  • Contact urgency

As we can see, the information contained within these reports will provide you with a real-time “snapshot” of your niche market; allowing you to take the appropriate engagement steps in order to streamline the overall sales pipeline.  The fact that you are also supplied with information in regards to contact urgency enables your firm to prioritise certain clients; one of the best ways to secure a commitment.

More Than Rough Estimates

We should point out that the information mentioned within the lest section will be partially derived from opt-in tools (such as our Budget Calculator) that can be embedded directly within your website. As clients voluntarily provide these details, you are provided with two significant advantages:

  • The associated details are likely to be extremely accurate.
  • The visitor in question has essentially pre-qualified themselves.

Other details which can be provided to your firm include the ability to match house builders’ valuation data with information regarding recent sold house prices.  In other words, you will be able to appreciate how long it took a prospect to actually change properties.  This is once again crucial in regards to the engagement process.

All Under One Roof

Why continue to utilise traditional in-house reporting systems if your sales are continuing to falter?  It is much better to embrace the all-in-one nature associated with our Prospect Generator as well as the other tools offered to clients. Reports are generated on a monthly basis, so you can remain confident that this level of insight is always up to date.  Please contact a representative in order to leverage these utilities.  You will be pleasantly pleased with what is in store.

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