Generate qualified new homes sales leads: The power of our Budget Calculator

February 7, 2020

Prospect Generator have developed a unique budget calculator which could provide your sales team with a stream of qualified sales leads from your website including contact details, the property the prospect is interested in their budgetary requirements.

It’s as simple as adding a button and link to your website. National house builders such as Gleeson Homes, Bovis Homes and Lovell Homes are using our tools to generate leads for their sales teams, and here’s is why you should consider doing the same:

How will the budget calculator help my sales team sell more homes?

The key question any home buyer asks themself is how much can I spend on home? The key question that any sales person asks themselves is does this buyer have the budget to buy the home they are interested in? If the sales team do not know budgetary requirements and status of their customer, closing a deal will be difficult (if not entirely impossible). The aim of the budget calculator is to provide your sales team with how much a potential buyer can afford to spend whilst delivering opted-in and qualified sales leads. The budget calculator is very simple to use. The user (or users, if purchasing together) only needs to supply a handful of basic details such as:

  • Whether they are a first-time buyer, current homeowner or investor.
  • How much they can afford to deposit.
  • Their gross annual income.
  • Their age.

Once the information above has been provided, the user has the option to be contacted (email, telephone or post). After they supply an email address (so a bespoke auto responder can be sent to the user detailing their budget), their first and last name and a telephone number if they choose to do so, they are presented with two figures:

  • How much they could potentially borrow to spend on a new home.
  • How much they can potentially borrow to spend on a new home with help to buy

Your sales team now have access to exactly what they need to sell more properties – Contact details, budget level, and the development your user is interested in, all safely added to your CRM or sent to by email notification in real time.

We don’t just generate qualified sales leads, but mortgage leads for your IFA too!

Here’s where it gets very clever. Obtaining a mortgage can be a challenging prospect; especially for those who are unfamiliar with the process.  Prospect Generator have integrated with an online mortgage broker platform to form a unique PropTech partnership. We use the information contained within our budget calculator is used to present the customer with real he most relevant and up-to-date mortgage deals that could be available to them.  The user is then given the option to speak to a financial advisor of your choice and book an appointment to discuss potential mortgage options.

Reporting and insights: Make your marketing more efficient

For marketeers, there are some very interesting aspects of what the budget calculator can do for you. As a house builder, budget spent on driving traffic to your website are usually high. Many house builders are still only using traditional forms on their websites to generate leads such as register your interest forms. Our research shows on average 5% at most people visiting house builder websites actually leave their contact details. By using lead generation tools such as the budget calculator, this gives the users a reason to engage with your business. As the tools give something in return (their home budget), web psychology shows people are more likely to leave their contact details.

We work with you to track your marketing campaigns simply by using UTM codes. With this information, we can tell you which of your marketing channels are bringing in users that can actually buy your homes, so you can change your targeting and messaging accordingly or switch channels all together, ultimately saving your money. We really help take the guess work out of your marketing strategy. You can read some more about how Prospect Generators reporting and insights can help your more here.

Why trust us?

We work with a range of house builders from across the UK to generate sales leads, you can look at our testimonials here. We are fully GDPR compliant and take data security very seriously. These leads are your leads and the information will not be shared with any other house builders. Prospect Generator are also member of the DMA, are ICO registered and have passed Cyber Essentials Plus.

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