Don’t lose your leads: How to replenish your marketing database before the GDPR deadline

The GDPR deadline is coming and it can only be a good thing. From email addresses to bank details, the ruling means EU individuals have maximum control over their personal data.

But it doesn’t come without implications for businesses.

We’re tightening the privacy settings on our digital products. We’re bolstering data permission processes. We’re spending countless hours (and even more pounds) ticking all the boxes for full compliance before the GDPR deadline on 25 May 2018.

If you’re ahead of the game before the GDPR deadline you’re not only dodging penalties, you’re proving solid security and privacy, giving your business competitive advantage. You’re already in good stead to build a fresh, compliant database with the trust of your customers.

But what happens to the leads you lose under the new regulations? How do you rebuild your homebuyer database competitively, to GDPR standards?

There are simple tools you can use to support you on the path to compliance. Not only will they help replenish your marketing database, they can also generate new GDPR-positive leads going forward.

Regaining your leads

With the GDPR deadline looming, marketing teams are faced with two questions:

  • What do we need to do to be sure we’re fully compliant before the GDPR deadline?
  • How do we approach our existing customer database, making sure every single lead on our mailing list is on there by choice?

It all comes down to good information handling. Going forward, there must be a clear legal basis for processing personal data – which means the data you’ve already harvested may have to be either re-consented or deleted.

This can actually be a great opportunity to enhance your business, bringing in new tools as a solution to this new way of processing data. For housebuilders, introducing a valuation tool is a smart way of giving customers an opportunity to provide GDPR-compliant consent – offering a product as a way of generating leads.

GDPR tools for compliant marketing

Whether you’re a new homes developer or an estate agent, our online valuation tool gives potential customers an instant valuation of their residential property and is proven to increase leads generated from housebuilders’ web traffic by 50%.

While you have their attention, it’s the perfect chance to grab that GDPR-compliant opt-in and convert lost leads into prospects. And to transform your current database into GDPR-compliant leads, it’s an ideal reason to get in touch with your leads, promoting the use of the valuation tool via email.

Rich data = strong leads

The more specific your data is, the better you can cater marketing messages to the right audience, at the right time. Our valuation tool has the added advantage of tracking which page a web user was looking at before conducting their valuation. This way, you can capture development specific leads for laser-like marketing and thorough, compliant databases.

You don’t need to be a web-building wizard to implement the tool. We provide the plug-in frames and code you’ll need to embed the tool within your website. With only 2% of unique web traffic actually leaving contact details in the new homes sector, it’s an easy marketing solution.

How it works is simple:

  1. You provide your company’s brand colours to Prospect Generator.
  2. We set up an iFrame – a web element that allows external web pages to be embedded in your site’s HTML. We share the code to copy and paste into your site.
  3. Your valuation tool is set up.

Potential leads can then enter details about their residential property in return for an instant valuation. They’ll opt in or out of your marketing, in alignment with the GDPR legislation, and not only will your data capture and marketing strategies now be compliant, you’ll boost your ROI by converting more web traffic into prospects and sales.

“Since implementing the online valuation tool on Redrow’s site, we’ve seen significant improvement in data capture and return on marketing investment”, says Dave Bexon, Group Sales and Marketing Director for UK housebuilder, Redrow plc.

Building your marketing solutions around GDPR ensures you have the right leads, prevents any fines for non-compliance, and sets you ahead of the competition. To find out more and get prepared before the GDPR deadline in May, get in touch for a demonstration of our smart marketing tools.

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