Advanced Reporting for Housebuilders: Discover more about your traffic

July 7, 2020

Many housebuilders rejoice in the collection of in-depth, quality data. But it’s not enough. Without the right strategies and insights to make the best use of that data, it can sit in a spreadsheet and grow stale.

 We work hard to make sure your marketing efforts pay off. Not only do we capture opted-in development-specific leads, we also measure the metrics that matter:

  • Who is really visiting your website?
  • Where are you generating your best leads?
  • Which developments are customers interested in?
  • How much do they have to spend on their next home?
  • Are your homes the right price?

Our prospect generation tools help you capture information that really means something. Something you can really prove the efficiency of in your Monday morning board meetings.

Go beyond easy numbers to paint a true profile of your most important customers, find your most profitable marketing channels and ensure you make the right call in your future marketing efforts.

We’ve worked with a range of clients to provide more than just data capture, but sophisticated game-changing insights as well. Here’s how we can help you solve the most common problems faced by new homes developers…

1: Can people visiting my website actually afford to buy my homes?

Filtering the can-buys from the curious means you can optimise your marketing spend to target serious leads. Do these people have the right deposit? Do they have a high income? And what about their partner’s income? Here’s the kind of insights you’ll get from our prospect generation tools…

Our budget calculator answers all of these questions, giving you the exact amount your next customer has to spend on their home. We then break this down even further – showing you the marketing channels bringing in your most valuable leads, so you can refine your strategies accordingly.

2: Should we be changing the marketing message to get the right people?

Waste no time wondering whether leads are actually going to move. Our clever and advanced reports give you finely combed insights into your traffic so that you can make smarter decisions with your marketing messages.

The valuation tool cuts straight through frustratingly meaningless data to show you how much website visitors have to spend and who is actually moving home. We do this by cross-referencing the address given in our valuation tool against land registry. This shows how many of these users actually go on to move and how long on average they have taken to move.

It’s simple to implement into your website and gives you an in-depth breakdown of the types of properties being valued by different types of customers.

3: Are our homes the right price?

Failure to understand exactly what your next customer is looking for in a new home the key to turning them off. Knowing your most meaningful customer segments means you won’t waste time, money or effort targeting the wrong people.

Our budget calculator acts as a lead filter on your website, establishing three main buyer types: Current Homeowners, First-Time Buyers or Investor. It can show you the buying power each of these buyer types actually have, marked against each of your developments. One of our clients has even raised prices based on these insights and seen no drop off in sales.

4: What is my cost-per-lead? How do I get more leads?

Obviously, you want a cost-effective marketing campaign. But how do you prove your efforts are bringing in maximum returns? Google Analytics can give you an idea of how many people are visiting your website, but it won’t tell you whether they’re able to buy your homes.

With an average industry cost-per-lead of £75, it’s important to know where money is best spent. Our budget calculator and valuation tool gives web users a reason to engage and leave their contact details. In return, you get quality data and contact details, straight into your sales CRM system.

From this we’ll show you how many leads are generated from each of your channels and your cost-per-lead, so you can push your spending into the best-performing channels. Here’s an example of the crystal clear prospect insights you’ll get…

5: Which of our marketing channels are delivering leads who can actually buy our homes?

How can you be certain you’re investing your marketing budget on the right channels? You’ll be confident your efforts are spent in the right places with advanced reports to show you authentic stats, no guesstimates.

By adding UTM codes to your campaign URLs, we can show you which of their marketing channels are bringing in which buyer types and which are actually bringing in leads. Here’s what it will look once we capture your own marketing data…

Are you making the most of your marketing?

Marketing is a huge investment, but it can sometimes confuse more than it informs. We’re here to help you capture authentic data and make sense of it. Put simply, it’s a bespoke research tool in the hands of your customers, helping them find the exact information they need about new homes – and providing you with the exact data you need to sell them.

If you’re interested in seeing a demonstration of our prospect generation tools, get in touch. We’d love to help you build a solid customer prospect list and start selling more homes.

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